Success Is In the DOING!

Success Is In the DOING!

Think about this…success isn’t in the having – SUCCESS IS IN THE DOING.

It’s the process of doing that brings value. It’s the activity that transforms our dreams into reality. For without activity, we will miss the opportunity.

For me and I’d suggest for you, there is a difference between being interested and being fully committed.

When you’re interested in doing something, you do it when it’s easy. You do it when circumstance permits. When the stars align. When you ‘feel like it’.  Let’s face it when you are just interested you compromise your goals because you choose to stay aligned with your ‘non-committed’ behaviors.

When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only RESULTS. You just do it, period. Do it even on the days you don’t ‘feel like it’. Never compromise. Never give up. When you are fully committed you become resourceful and align your behaviors consistent with your goals.

So for your 2018 goals are you just interested or fully committed? If your behavior is aligned with your goals, great! If not and you are off track, alter your course right now. Today. Start by doing a little more each day – and pretty soon, you’ll develop a new habit of DOING rather than neglecting.

So what are you committed to?



Episode 5: Success From Scratch

Episode 5: Success From Scratch

In episode 5 of “Success From Scratch,” MJ Franklin shares her secret to success. It wasn’t education, it wasn’t special celebrities she knew, it wasn’t because she had a lot of money. She had GRIT, determination, drive and a willingness to serve.

Make time to watch this episode, you won’t regret the time invested.

 “You can’t be in this business for the money, you have to be genuine.”

MJ Franklin, JP & Associates REALTORS®


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Why Does Your “Why” Matter?

Why Does Your “Why” Matter?

It’s been about 134 days since we all made those “New Years Resolutions.”

So, how are you doing with those?

The answer was either a wow, an ouch or something in-between.  Good, because whatever emotion that brought up for you, declare it perfect and move forward in a powerful direction.

Gym owners and weight loss providers love January 1st because that week is when so many people come in to join for the year, participate for a few weeks and then slowly disappear.

Consider this, replace the gym or weight loss program with any other new behavior change like learning a new language, getting up at a certain time, making sales calls and more. You see, we know human nature… you get all excited in the beginning yet somewhere along the way the enthusiasm fades and the new behavior is dropped.

Why does this happen?

Ask any expert and they will say… it’s not having a strong and compelling reason, a or “why.”

I once worked with a real estate agent that I was providing leads for. He was an average producer doing OK – not great yet not bad, just about average. One day he called me and said, “Mark, I have a $50,000 court judgement!” So what happened next?

Nothing changed in my business model; same leads and same market conditions. Over the next 6 months, his production nearly grew by 10X. He called me and said, “I paid off the judgement.” The next month and following months his production returned to his pre-judgement average pattern.

What moved him from average, to 10X and back to average?

This agent had a short-term compelling “why” that drove his daily behavior. When his “why” faded, so did his daily routine and motivation. The conclusion: getting clear on why you want to create something is basic science at this point.

You want to increase sales… Why?

You want to lose 25 pounds… Why?  

You want to spend more time with family and less time working… Why?

What is it you REALLY want? 

Is it the weight loss or how it makes you feel? Is it the increased sales or the financial freedom that brings you? What do you really want? Ask yourself, answer and repeat that about 5 times to get to the REAL answer.

When the days get tough and life gets in the way, it’s the compelling “why” that keeps you engaged and on track.

Let us compare these two scenarios:

A: Making more sales is important to me because I want to have more money.

B: Making more sales is important to me because it provides me more freedom in supporting my family, it creates more options of travel and schools for me and my family, it allows me to contribute more to the charities and my community that I love and are dear to my heart.

With B you can feel the reason. You can see the reason. You can believe the reason. B is crystal clear.

Another example to consider:

A: Making more sales is important to me because I want to be happy.

B: Making more sales is important to me because I want to make the best out of the cards I was dealt in life. I want to celebrate life, provide for my family, give back to my community and live with joy.

With B, it is much more meaningful than a vague “I want to be happy.” Yes!?

….So, why does your “why” matter?

If you actually believe creating a compelling “why” can change your behavior, then it will. If you believe it won’t, then it won’t. The choice is yours to make. It’s like Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

Think about one of your major accomplishments…  strong reason “why” was part of your formula. Without a compelling “why”, whatever you attempt will just be another project that sits on the shelf collecting dust.

Positive change awaits you when you make the effort and you tie it to a compelling reason “why!”  

Now, I’d like to know… what goal is important to you?  What will accomplishing this goal do for you? What’s your “WHY” for this goal? 

Share your thoughts and comments with us now, we value your contribution to this community.

Episode 3: Success From Scratch

Episode 3: Success From Scratch

This week’s episode of “Success From Scratch” features our very own, JP Piccinini, CEO and Founder!

Take a moment to watch or listen how he started JPAR from scratch and how it has become the 88th largest broker in America.

What’s the point of success if you can’t share your success with others? – JP


Welcome JPAR Business Development Managers

Welcome JPAR Business Development Managers

JP and I are pleased to announce continued investments in our brokerage with the addition of the “Business Development Manager” roles at JPAR. 

The Business Development Manager role will be accountable in their assigned territories for leading the culture, recruitment, and operations of JP and Associates company-owned offices.  They will be focused on talent attraction & recruitment, coordinating monthly networking events, encouraging weekly mastermind groups inside each office and developing our vetted partner network that serve your office locations.

We are excited and proud to welcome this team.

Kandi Pound

Kandi Pound is the Business Development Manager for JP and Associates REALTORS® in Tarrant, Johnson and Parker Counties. She is a leader with a diverse background including business ownership, working in the legal industry and serving various charity organizations. Kandi believes that people are the key to a company’s success. She strives to hire agents that are looking to take their real estate business to the next level using JPAR’s unique business model and culture. Additionally, Kandi is excited for the opportunity to work with the many JPAR corporate partners and preferred vendors to continue those relationships and cultivate new ones for mutual growth.

Kandi is also a licensed Texas Realtor serving clients in the DFW Metroplex. She is an Arlington, TX native who enjoys traveling with her family, TCU sporting events and watching her daughter grow.

Samantha Willey

Samantha L. Willey will be responsible for the Dallas and Rockwall Counties. She was born and raised in East Texas. Her passions include Real Estate, her team-mates and helping others to be successful.

Samantha started her Real Estate career in 2012, she and her business partner Tiphannie W. Clements have grown the team W Lux Properties Group and have quickly become one of the top producing teams in East Texas. She volunteers a lot of her time to teaching new agents on how to be successful in their real estate careers, and how to grow as professionals. She takes pride in her business, business relationships, and her family.


Michele Thomas

Michele serves the San Antonio market. She moved to San Antonio in 2004 with the Air Force and retired from active duty in 2016. She has an extensive background with over 20 years’ experience in Recruiting, HR Management and Development. Michele has a professional certification in Project Management and a degree in Human Resource Management. Her experience in recruiting and training coincides with her passion for people and cultivating relationships. She is a natural at seeking out resources and finding out what others need and want.

Michele focuses on servant leadership and integrates this into her everyday life. She is a member of the Junior League of San Antonio and volunteers with numerous nonprofit charities. Michele embodies integrity, service, and energy. She prides herself on her strong work ethics and commitment to exceed expectations of the agents and business partners in the San Antonio community.

Mike Pritchard

Mike Pritchard will drive our growth in Austin TX. He began his sales career nearly 25 years ago while working in the Telecom Industry before making the transition to Real Estate. With nearly 15 years of Real Estate experience, Mike has had a multi-faceted career specializing in new home construction, home renovation, and residential resale.

Mike has spent that last 7 years of his career helping real estate professionals build highly successful careers. He is an accomplished trainer and mentor having coached and trained over 200 Real Estate professionals in the Austin and Dallas Markets. Mike focuses on helping agents master their craft in an extremely competitive marketplace by using innovative real estate sales and marketing techniques while employing cutting-edge technology allowing agents to build lifelong relationships with their clients. Mike is passionate about helping Real Estate Professionals find an organization in which they can truly succeed. By partnering with JP and Associates Realtors, Mike has found the perfect team to help agents experience exponential growth.

Mike is a Texas native, born and raised in Austin. When not working, Mike enjoys spending time on the water with his two children Finn and Lilly along his partner Jen.