Top Kitchen Trends You Must Know About

Dated: May 4 2021

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Gone are the days when the kitchen was hidden behind the corner of the house. The kitchens of modern-day homes are changing. They are becoming the core of the house with high-end features and design specifications that enhance the overall functionality.

Are you looking to enhance the overall aesthetics in your home? Consider remodeling your kitchen by following some of the latest kitchen design trends. As with any millennial kitchen design trend, minimalistic and clean designs have become the preferred option.


When you wish to infuse some modern look to your house, you can start off with the kitchen area to make it more stylish and appealing. For your ease, we have tailor-made a list of the latest kitchen design trends that you must know about:

Smart Kitchens


Technology has taken over almost all realms of life. As we happen to live in a technology-driven world, it is time that you should start considering the possible addition of a smart home. To start off, you can begin by converting your traditional kitchen into a smart kitchen to enhance its overall functionality. From installing smart lighting systems to automated faucets and more, there is much more to the scope of the smart kitchen.

Smart kitchens are evolving as an integral part of the modern kitchen design trends. An increasing number of homeowners in recent times are looking forward to adopting the trend of designing smart kitchens. Smart kitchens offer the ease of handling the kitchen seamlessly along with offering a wide range of smart, technology-driven features.

Cabinet Colors


White is a popular choice it comes to selecting the cabinet colors for your kitchen. The modern homeowners keep looking for design options that impart a clean and minimalistic look to the kitchen area. As such, monochrome shades like black, grey, and white for the cabinet colors in the modern kitchens appear beautiful and timeless. However, if you wish to break up the all-white kitchen concept, then you can consider going for multiple-colored islands of the kitchen. You can also include wood-stain colors to enhance the overall appearance.

Just like white cabinets, grey is yet another choice for many homeowners. Grey cabinets appear rich and classy in modern kitchens. Moreover, the grey shade also offers great versatility and can serve a great purpose when paired with glamour accents, natural elements, or even nothing at all. White and grey colors are considered the best option when it comes to designing your kitchen according to the latest trends.

Streamlined Textures, Designs, and Materials


While contemporary styles like mid-century modern and farmhouse might still be popular, the homeowners in recent times are becoming more streamlined in the overall materials, designs, and aesthetics for kitchens. While designing your kitchen, aim to create a stress-free environment. This implies infusing the elements of simplicity in your kitchen.

For instance, removing the upper wall cabinets from the kitchen space has become the latest trend in the coming years as it opens up space towards making the kitchen appear larger and brighter. Moreover, it also allows you to make use of the available countertop space more efficiently. Towards streamlining the overall design of your kitchen, you can also consider materials with textures. For instance, if you are making use of open shelving, then you can add rough cut wood for bringing in natural elements to create the everlasting industrial attitude in your kitchen.

Effective Storage


Looking for ways to de-clutter your kitchen area? One of the biggest concerns in managing a kitchen is the available storage space. In most of the traditional kitchen designs, the unnecessary wastage of the available space is a great annoyance. As such, one of the crucial foundations of designing a modern kitchen is allowing more storage space across the kitchen area. Towards countering the existing storage challenges in the modern kitchens, the homeowners have started looking for effective storage solutions within the kitchen cabinetry.

For instance, you can start off by including appliances, drawers for storing small kitchen appliances, pull-out trays for spices, drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, roll-out trays, tray dividers, and more. Such additions in your brand-new kitchen will ensure the easy storage of drinks, foods, and smaller kitchen appliances.

Pet-Friendly Spaces in the Kitchens


The kitchen might serve to be a dangerous space for small kids and pets. Therefore, you need to be careful when you are designing the kitchen area of your house. While you might consider baby-proofing the kitchen space, it is equally vital to ensure the creation of pet-friendly kitchen spaces.

One of the greatest design trends for creating a pet-friendly space is including a separate feeding station for the pets. You can make the feeding station preferably towards the end of the cabinet or in some corner. You can also set up the storage cabinet for storing pet food, toys, and more.

Let the upcoming modern kitchen design trends modify the overall appearance and functionality of your kitchen. The latest design ideas or trends combine the best of aesthetics and functionality to create the impression of an ultimate kitchen in your house. Make way for a great kitchen design with these leading design trends and tips.

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